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BRIIISK Mercantile will deliver value to all the stakeholders and will attain excellence and leadership through such delivery of value. We will strive to support the stakeholders in all activities related to us. BRIIISK Mercantile provide great things.

Business Consultancy

Our Domain expertise in diverse fields, helps grow business of any level from SME's to Industrialists.

Help To Grow Business

We guide you in every step of your business and help in achieving your goals with our proven expertise.

Great Support

With Great Experience comes Great expertise. We offer unmatched support to scale your business and there to help you 24/7.



Innovative project that targets the middle class and upper middle class citizens who are striving hard to reach the creamy layer of the society. With 40+ centers we are providing 500+ services. Creating employment opportunities and spreading awareness of the benefits that government offers.



Security package that takes care of your child right from the time he leaves to school and returns home. Smart ID cards for automatic attendance. GPS tracking to track the path. Surveillance cameras to monitor their actions. ERP software that benefits both the parents as well as school to manage the day to day activities. An application that provides you with timely update of your child.


Wood For Future

Harnessing natural resources is what we concentrate on. With advancement in technology we have bought in revolutionary changes in wood industry with recycling wood to growing new plants for every tree that’s chopped so the Eco- Cycle is balanced.


Renewable Energy

Solar panels on roof tops with mutual benefits to us as well as nature. Entire electricity generated will be through the solar panel which will cut down our expenses. Easy process with umpteen advantages.

Our Success Tranformation Story

How to grow world with Us

Everyone defines success differently – More people – More opinions. Only when you can cater these opinions is when you can succeed and stand out in the crowd and that’s exactly what we want to do.
Number one in our priority list is to create employment opportunities. Next is to make services available to every nook and corner of India through digitalization.
We work hard in the name of the success of our franchise. Briiisk Mercantile offers full spectrum of services to help organizations work better. Everything from creating standards of excellence to training your people to work in more effective ways.


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