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Attendance Management is developed to mark the attendance in a more convenient and systematic way. It does not require overhead counting. The teachers can mark the students' name who are absent in the class.

  • Subject based or session wise attendance marking.
  • Track Pending attendance marking.
  • Automated SMS and Email alerts for the parents.

Is a satellite navigation system that enables you to track your children. It also furnishes location and time information .

Fee Management helps you track fees of students in a user friendly and efficient manner. You need not calculate total amount of fees that is to be paid by student. You only need to enter data for collected fees.

  • Define Fee Particulars, Fee categories and Fee Rules based on academic session.
  • Define fee due dates.
  • Send Fee payment/due reminders to the parents through email and SMS.
  • Accept fee payments and print fee receipts.
  • Accept fee payment through online payment gateways. Parent will receive emails about the fee due and the parent can make the payment by clicking on the email and going through the online payment gateways.
  • SimpliSafe is readily integrated with several payment gateway providers.
  • Generate reports on fee receipts and fee outstanding.

This feature will enable students to make transactions in their school campus using the UHF cards.

A facial recognition system technology is embedded in the UHF cards which is capable of identifying and verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.

Manage books, journals and publication at the institutions. It also tracks the book rules and issuing process.

Manage various placement drives at the institutions, track student shortlisting and selections.

Employees leave management system for leave application and multiple levels of approval.

Comprehensive software module to conduct feedback from various stake holders of the institution. System will collate the data and generate useful reports for feedback analysis.

Faculty and Staff can apply for leave through the system based on their eligibility. Rules can be set for approval mechanism and replacement duties.
Biometric identification based system can be integrated for Faculty and Staff attendance management.

Students and Parent submit their grievances through their login. Grievance address team/department will have access to these submissions and can respond/communicate through the system.

The primary motive of the course management system is to enhance the experience of the teachers and academic staff in analyzing performance, discussing the syllabus and structuring the teaching modules.

Faculty can upload various course materials online for the students. Students can access the same through their login to the software.

Hostel Management facilitates room allocation and tracks the utility of room.

Transport Management maintains a record of bus routes, students’ particulars, list of students using specific routes, vehicles’ particulars.

Access the attendance, timetable, results, notice etc

Reports help in evaluating each and every aspect. This module provides static and dynamic report. Reports can be downloaded in EXCEL format for further reference and can also be used as a backup.

Sometimes quick information is required to be sent to various people of the institution for example change in exam timings, emergency meetings etc. At such situation Email and SMS module proves to be of great help. a. Send SMS/Email to Students or Parent or faculty b. Send SMS/Email class wise, to individuals, groups, faculties etc. c. Set automated SMS on attendance alerts and marks alerts.

Faculty can assign assignment to their students and assign due date for submission.

Comprehensive examination and results management module, the evaluation of grades can be obtained by this module. The maximum score of a test can be set. The system automatically will calculate the maximum score among a group of tests as per the marks obtained by students. Grades are calculated and credit points can be obtained from it for each subject.


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