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We, BRIIISK Mercantile, provides you with various advertising options that include your Brand Management and Public relations along withThe Concept of Dining Hospitality as we know it is almost obsolete. Gone those days where customers were ofiered physical menus and paper receipts.With the rise of COVID-19, precautionary measures has been enforced. The practice of new rules of dining out has been completely implemented in our life style.Majority of Customers are now focusing on factors likes Hygiene and Safety.
When choosing a fine-dine Restaurants or Café. Those factors are causing the major shift in the Hotel Industry. As a solution, Briiisk Mercantile and along with industry Iuminaries,the concept of “ Contactless Dining ° has been introduced.

where Digi Host can
be implemented

  • ”Corporate ( Multiplex, OZices, Showrooms Etc,)
  • ”Commercial establishment(Restaurant, Café, Resort, Pub)
  • Fashion Industry(Spa and Salon Etc,)
  • Tour and Travels Industry(Bus, Train, Airways Etc,)

Features of

  • The Concept of New-Generation hospitality service.
  • Digital QR code and menu.
  • Integrated advanced ERP.
  • Contactless In-house services.
  • Secure and Reliable payment options.
  • Easy to maintain the database.

Digital QR code and

Printed QR codes are placed on every table. Devices ( Android & I phone) can scan QR codes without downloading an external app, digital menu will be displayedon customer’s smart phone.

Acceptance of
table order:

Every table is assigned with a °QR code and that connected to kitchen department° used to tell the kitchen what to cook, which table ordered what and how much to charge each table after they are done eating.

Acceptance secure

Your credit card number, expiry date and cryptogram are encrypted in the transmission to protect you and ensure that no data flows in the clear via the internet.

Customized admin

This allows the admin to update the database system and merchant info on the admin panel for the online food ordering system. It helps to manage registration lists, payment list and order list.Admin is allowed to view and generate the summary of sales, payment, invoice etc through the admin panel for an online food ordering system.

Customization of

Lots of options in cuisine like Vegetarian, Mexican,Thai, Chinese and what not. With the help of DigiHost food ordering software an hotelier can customize their food menu with the free loaded option.