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BRIIISK Mercantile Pvt Ltd is a company which simplifies the Business of Organised and Un-organised sectors by connecting Farmers to the manufacturers and manufacturers to the shopkeepers that includes various day to day life activities by providing services ranging from Govt. based services to hospitality, IT, E-commerce, booking tickets to banking, recharging to billing, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Business Consulting, & Agricultural based Solutions.

We render you the privilege to enjoy all kinds of service, private to government sector, on one single platform

At Your Fingertips We provide easy access to all kinds of services that makes your daily life more flexible.

With online services that ease the day to day activities we aim at digitalizing the rural India and transform the way of life.

We are offering you an business oppportunity where you can be your own boss

We offer our customers multiple products to choose from, at a reasonable price and provide outstanding customer experience. We are committed to provide the quality which meets our customers expectations.

We provide a platform for manufacturers, distributors, whole- sellers, retailers, to come together at one level and thereby bring in transparency to customers for their transactions with deeply rooted ambition of developing rural India. BRIIISK aims at empowering and realizing the potential of the rural areas with its platform - Apna Anna - that provides variety of services at one place and aims at digitalizing India with easy access to information.

Principles of Our Company

Our Mission

To be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiousity. Create a better everyday life for the people through meaningful innovation and give them tools that they need to succeed which will help them have a secured future.

Our Vision

To bring innovation and inspiration to every Social Entreuprener in the world and to motivate others to become successful.

Our Future Plan

We want our actions to inspire others to Dream big, Learn more, Achieve more and stay self-funded as long as possible.

Why choose us

We provide a series of digital & e-Gov services to the citizens of India through Social Entrepreneur in which we are the best

Simply Safe is a comprehensive ERP system for educational institutions. It facilitates the management of various student related process and information in an educational institution. This software also eases the process of managing various communication activities between institution and parents. It is useful, innovative, reliable and easy to use. Simply Safe has been developed using vast domain knowledge and with advanced technologies..

We are the largest agreegator all over the India with 500+ services in a single platform.

  • Minimum capital investment & high returns.
  • High earning opportunity.
  • No need of inventory.
  • Maximize customers & their satisfaction.

Meet Our Team

Amrish Sharma

Support Head


IT Head


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