Briiisk "One place provides multiple services"

Our Services

Advertising Agency

We, BRIIISK Mercantile, provides you with various advertising options that include your Brand Management and Public relations along with print media servicing, radio advertising, outdoor Management, and Broadcast management.
With creative strategies and services, we aim at reaching out to the right set of the audience and express your ideas such that those are well delivered and well received, making you popular.

Brand Management

We believe that branding is not just a market strategy but a continuous process of maintaining, improving and upholding a brand consistently such that the brand is associated with a positive image that enables the price of the products to go up and gain loyal customers.

Creative Services

We offer you our best creative minds to portrait you the way you like it. From writing creative contents to designing pages, we provide you services that make you stand out in the crowd and get the attention you intended.

Print Media

We offer you the benefit of popularity in any corner of the world you name. With our well-connected print media networks, be it local newspapers or popular magazines, we get you the widespread visibility with appropriate content suiting the intended crowd.

Radio Advertising

When it's advertising, we explore all opportunities we have and Radio advertising is one among them. Though there are various other options of entertainment today, radio is still an important media to reach out to all kinds of people.

Outdoor Management

We understand how important is teamwork and leadership skills and believes in unity and teamwork. Our Outdoor management programs include various team building activities that help in building up the rapport among the team members. It provides a means to know and understand the other person outside the four walls of the organization.

Public Relationship

We provide services where we creatively and rightly articulate the information to be spread among the public such that it has positive impacts on the public image of the company. We also facilitate and suggest relevant community outreach programs and volunteer works based on your interests keeping you involved in the public domain.