Briiisk "One place provides multiple services"

Our Services


BRIIISK Mercantile aim at understanding your business vision and work towards making it happen. We Provide you with services on IT Consulting, Servicing, Application development, IT Outsourcing and IT recruiting, helping you make the important and right decisions on the cutting edge technologies and strategies to realize your true potential along with finding you the right set of people to work for you.

IT Consulting

With deep domain expertise and market knowledge, we give you a walkthrough of trending features and functionalities to choose from, that make your product stand out in the industry.

Web and Mobile
App Development

Tell us your requirements and we will get you the app ready. With user-friendly interfaces, handcrafted by experts to suit your needs, our web application, and mobile applications provide you with the performance you are looking for.

Business App Development

Business Applications suiting your business is one of the prime areas we work on. With the study of market and audience, we deliver you with a tailor-made application that is not just suitable for you but is also appealing to the customer.

IT Outsourcing

We ensure responsible outsourcing for your existing internal activities to external service providers who deliver effectively and add value to your business. The contract process is kept transparent and is undertaken by us entirely keeping you well informed of the terms and conditions.

IT Recruiting

We understand how important is teamwork and to have like-minded people to share and invent new things. Hence we at BRIIISK Mercantile, help you find the right set of people with as per your requirements who share your ideologies and have the right technical skills who would also effectively add and bring value to your projects.